Connecting with Coord: Urban Data Platform for the Mobility Market

In recent months, we’ve begun exploring opportunities to expand our connections between the Austin smart cities scene and that of some of the larger East Coast cities. In that process, we have come across some very cool and innovative startups, and we wanted to share more about one of them with you.

Coord, a New York City-based spinout from Alphabet Labs (recently raised $5M in its Series A), works to support the integration of mobility services into city life. A recent blog post of theirs gives us a taste of some of the potential that can be gained through richer data analysis and visualization.

First a bit of background on the company . . . From Wired: Coord “will build the cloud-based platform to integrate the many mobility services that have sprung up around the world's cities in the past few years—bike-sharing, car-sharing, and ride-hailing—plus more traditional transportation options, like public transit. .  . For a price, Coord will give the software developers at those companies access to thorough, local, standardized data on things like tolls, parking, and curb space. Critically, info can be shared across cities, instead of siloed in provincial departments.”

Coord’s most recent blog post focused on Washington, D. C.’s ongoing efforts to expand dockless biking/scootering. The analysis identifies patterns in the usage of mobility services across high/middle/low-income census tracts and the article comes complete with some nifty graphics, which we think you’ll enjoy. Differences across census tract categories included: differences in availability patterns for different, general lack of availability in certain tracts, and differences in availability patterns across times of day. The post (usefully) raises at least as many questions as answers, but should stoke the interest of those excited by the prospects of what richer data and visualizations can do for urban/mobility planning.

Take a look and let us know what you think!